Tell me more - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I expect to get out of the program?

A: Leadership is a journey of self-discovery. You will join a diverse group of participants and embark on a leadership journey together. This program is highly recommended for anyone wanting to broaden their network, learn to lead collaboratively, break down barriers to success and find & embrace their personal purpose & power. Fleurieu Future Leaders contribute to making the Fleurieu an even greater place than it already is. 

Q:Who runs the Fleurieu Future Leaders Course?

A: The FFLP is run by a group of previous FFLP alumni who manage the course behind the scenes and assist Face the World who facilitate the program. Face the World is a boutique-consulting firm that is based in the Fleurieu and delivers facilitation of personal and corporate growth to clients across the country. They fundamentally deliver two things – facilitation of business and strategic thinking; and the development of high-performance leaders and teams. Face the World will facilitate the co-ordination and operation of the FFLP.

Q: What are the time commitments are expected of me during the program?

A: If accepted onto the program, all participants are expected to attend each of the thirteen contact days to graduate. All participants will be involved in a Fleurieu community project as a small group throughout the duration of the course, with major milestones or completion expected by December 4th. Extra time or work, in addition to the dates listed, is required in order to fulfil expectations of a community based project. This will involve meetings with your group and project tasks outside of and in addition to the program modules.

Attendance is compulsory for foundations and leading self to graduate program.

Q: Where are the modules held?

A: The Foundations Module will be held in McLaren Vale. In past years, the other modules have been held in various locations across the Fleurieu Region such as Port Elliot, Strathalbyn and Second Valley. Participants are encouraged to car-pool, and some participants may choose to seek overnight accommodation at these locations at their own cost.

Q:What support is available to me during the program?

A: FFLP Coordinators will offer support to participants and immediate family by providing coaching and mentoring when and if required. Many of the FFLP graduates are available to offer first-hand experience of the program if desired. Please contact

Q: What will it cost to do the program?

A: Course participants are required to contribute $800. This contribution indicates a commitment to invest in your leadership development and desire to contribute to the Fleurieu region. Your fee will cover tuition, materials, accommodation (for the foundation’s module) and most meals throughout the program. Personal and travel expenses are not included. Some participants may choose to seek overnight accommodation at some of the modules at their own cost. Scholarship for the program may be available and you are urged to if you wish to know more about assisted funding options.

Q: Who subsidises and sponsors the program

A: Overall program fees are subsidised by support from Face the World and Bendigo Community Bank (estimated total cost > $6000 per person).