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Fleurieu Future Leaders

The Fleurieu Future Leaders program has been running since 2017 and now has a group of 100 Alumni who network, collaborate and support the region and Fleurieu Future Leaders course participants.

Fleurieu Future Leaders - Our Purpose

The purpose of the Fleurieu Future Leaders Program (FFLP) is to build the next generation of leaders in the community to protect and enhance the Fleurieu region through action by encouraging and empowering key individuals. These leaders then have the potential to move the Fleurieu region further toward being a world leader in economic and environmental sustainability with a coherent identity grounded in history and embracing the future.

This is a personal development course which will incorporate leadership and management teachings, empower candidates to pursue their dreams, assist with confidence building, break down barriers to success, provide knowledge regarding the financial and legal implications of doing business, teach about the importance of team collaboration and develop a fantastic network of people.

What does the program cover?

The Fleurieu Future Leaders Program comprises of 6 elements; Foundations, Leading Strategically, Leading People, Leading Collaboratively, Leading Self and Completions. 

Foundations: 4 day/3 night Residential Module
July 5 – 8
This is the foundation course for this program. It includes introductions of the leaders, participants and core content to create the environment for learning. Participants will develop their own learning contract, form learning teams and plan key activities for the duration of the program.

Module 1 – Leading Strategically
August 4 and 5
This module will focus on the basics of Strategic and Business Planning. 

Module 2 – Leading Others
September 1 and 2
This module focuses on the basics of leading and managing people including performance management and what motivates. Understanding diversity and leveraging from difference. 

Module 3 – Leading Collaboratively
September 29 and 30
This module will focus on the basics of Leading Collaboration and Innovation – including engaging and influencing. 

Module 4 – Leading Self
October 27 and 28
This module focuses on self-management and takes a holistic approach to guiding participants in their planning for greater personal effectiveness in their lives and leading others. 

November 25
This is our completions event. Participants will have the chance to present their learnings achieved from the program, take time to consider what next in their development journey and achieve closure/completions with the program and its people. There will be a celebration to close things out.

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The Mastery of the art of Leadership comes with the mastery of Self

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